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Updated: Feb 28, 2021

As I was thinking about the relaunch of my tarot business (I used to be called Saelyn Tarot), I wanted a way to share my thoughts on tarot, divination, spirituality, mindful living, etc. So I decided to create a blog.

Welcome to the blog.

Today I’m tackling prediction.

When I do readings for people, I tend not to focus on prediction, and when I do predict something, I handle it carefully. So many people want to know their future, but that’s not actually helpful…

I don’t believe that we can predict the future the way that you might think a ‘psychic’ should —by having ‘visions’ of the future. (Note that I say should to mean the way television or movies would have you imagine psychics work.)

In my opinion Psychic and Tarot Readings can attempt to see what your future might look like if you stay on your current path. If you don’t change your behaviours, attitudes, or perceptions, it can be pretty easy to predict where you’ll end up (whether you read Tarot or not).

But I want to step back for a second and ask: What is prediction?

The dictionary defines it for us:

verb pre·dict \ pri-ˈdikt \

to declare or indicate in advance; especially : foretell on the basis of observation, experience, or scientific reason

Early 17th century: from Latin praedict- ‘made known beforehand, declared’, from the verb praedicere, from prae- ‘beforehand’ + dicere ‘say’.

Notice how the the word is made up of pre- and –diction, as in dictate? As the origin of the word explains, and the definition says, prediction is not about accuracy or about knowing the future, it’s about dictating the future. It's about telling the future, speaking it before it happens.

Even foretell is made up of fore and tell, which is to tell beforehand.

Do you see what I'm trying to point out? Prediction isn't about foreseeing the future accurately, but rather about dictating the future. Building the future. It's about choice and manifestation.

Isn’t that liberating? Isn’t it empowering?

The work I aim to do through Lamplighter is to help you dictate your own future. The tagline for my website (Heal the past ☆ Be in the moment ☆ Embrace the future) was specifically chosen to convey the idea that you can embrace and create your own future by healing your past and learning to flow within the present moment. By evaluating your behaviours, attitudes, and perceptions, you can manifest the future you want.

Let's work together to help you feel more empowered in your life! Go check out the tarot readings I have on offer, or email me to ask which I might recommend for your situation.

Let's predict the future together!


(P.S. Yes! Some events in life seem set in stone, like they are predestined to happen. These are the easiest for me to predict, and more often than not you won’t be able to change them. But by learning to predict your future, you will be armed to tackle any challenges that lay ahead. More on this later... )

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