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Spiritual Life

Hi there! I'm Lindsay.


I am a highly intuitive empath with claircognizance and clairvoyance. I am a trained Reiki practitioner. I am a Soul-Coach with a background in Psychology. And above all this, I am a Tarot Reader! 

Tarot has shaped my life since I was introduced to it at the age of eight, when I was gifted the Medicine Cards (below). I started reading for others (with a Zerner Farber deck) at fourteen, and I launched my first tarot business in 2015 called Saelyn Tarot. 

In 2020, I registered for life coaching training with the Center for Applied Neuroscience, and I am now a certified practitioner. 

I blend my spiritual upbringing, studies, and natural gifts with my degree in psychology to deliver balanced and insightful coaching sessions and tarot readings.


I am driven to help people light their inner spark, realize they have untapped power,  and shine their light more brightly. Let's work together to manifest the future of your dreams. 


Lanterns (or lamps) protect us by lighting the dark, they shine light to gives us sight, and they represent hope. 

Each of us has an inner light that guides us through life, shining into our dark spaces. It helps us see ourselves and others for what we truly are —Divine! The light inside you may only be a small spark, but it can burn bright as a blaze. That flame within has the power to attract and repel; it is your personal source of motivation, passion, and power! 

Through Lamplighter, I hope to feed that spark within you by helping you identify your unique traits, gifts, and powers so that you can heal your past, be mindful of each moment, and manifest your ideal future.

Founded in 2020, Lamplighter is the culmination of everything I've learned and everything I wish to be. Let's grow into ourselves more deeply, connect with divine, and learn to shine our light more brightly —together.


What is a lamplighter? Before the advent of electricity, a lamplighter was  responsible for walking through towns and villages lighting the gas lamps which lined the streets.

I look forward to working with you! Warm wishes, light & love.  — Lindsay
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