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Manifestation by Invitation

I've been giving a lot of thought to the energies I attract into my life, and would like to invite you to do the same...

There are (arguably) only 2 ways to manifest. One is through thought and action (active), the other is through invitation and openness (passive). I believe that active manifestation gets more attention than passive manifestation, so I thought I'd dedicate a bit of space to my preferred manifestation style.

First, do you know what manifestation is? Well, I see it as the creation of reality. It is the dream become tangible; it is the act of carving out space for what we want until it simply is. It is leveraging the law of attraction to meet a goal/desire.

Active manifestation is like knitting. You take what you've got and slowly tie it in knots until it is eventually a sweater. You create your reality through a series of thoughts and actions that brings you ever closer to your goal.

Passive manifestation is an act of being. By virtue of being you , you naturally attract what belongs* to you. Think about that a bit more, and the power of it.

You naturally attract what belongs to you.

*belong as in "the right place", not "ownership"

Your personality, your preferences, your style... your ephemeral essence, your spark... is a magnet attracting to you the kind of abundance you need. Therefore tapping into your unique frequency and being most authentically you is incredibly empowering. When you resonate with yourself, you will follow your heart to discover the things, people, and places that bring you joy. And those things, people, and places that resonate with you will be attracted to you in kind.

Think of the flower, who does nothing except exist as a flower. It manages to get the sun and rain that it needs to live. It also attracts the bee who pollenates and propagates it. Flower also attracts the human who sees all the gifts it has to offer and turns it into something useful beyond its imagining (should a flower be able to imagine, a topic for another time perhaps). The flower can become a decoration in the home, a perfume, a dye, a medicine. But the flower itself did nothing in particular to become so special, other than simply exist.

You also have that power! Start with the small stuff, the sun and the rain of your life and notice how you have what you need to survive. Then notice the bees in your life, the things that come to you that help you be more than just solitary. And then trust that your greater purpose, your special gift to the world will find you.

Trust your spark to light the way. Being true to you manifests what you need, helps you find fulfillment. Passively, you welcome in the magic of your life. It's Manifestation by invitation.

If you'd like help rediscovering your spark, you know where to find me. ☺

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