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Keep Your Feet on the Ground

My best advice for spiritual seekers at any level is to Keep Your Feet on the Ground.

But what exactly does this mean?

With so many people finding their spiritual path, we are existing in a time of philosophers and prophets. Social media means that any awakened spiritual person has access to a following of keen and invested learners. Assuming you're one of the awakened or a student, you've surely heard people talking about "raising vibrations" and going into "higher frequencies". Whether you know exactly what that means is unimportant right now. I want to focus on the opposite.

While it is key to spiritual development to connect with energies that are typically out of reach (through mindfulness, meditation, and intention) we must not forget that we live in physical bodies. We have all chosen to live as humans, to put our souls and energies into these organic vehicles. Your body and your mind deserve as much attention as you can give them. You cannot be a lightworker, a prophet, or a philosopher without staying grounded, with your two feet firmly planted in this physical existence.

If you suffer from disease or mental illness, there are those who will tell you that these are not "real" that they are symptom of being "psychic" or "spiritually gifted". And that's a BIG problem. Regardless of your beliefs, or your spiritual abilities, you still have to live in your body —your physical body. And it is what carries your spirit! There are ways to spiritually support the health and wellbeing of your body and mind, but it will not be effective if you ignore the basics: stay hydrated, eat well-rounded meals, move, stretch, and exercise for your body; learn, read, analyze, socialize, and discuss for your mind.

Don't forget that you are human. You are meant to experience a human life, and that includes all the things that can go wrong with your vehicle. Take care of it first in support of spiritual enlightenment. Stay grounded, stay healthy.

Share some of your favourite ways to take care of your "organic vehicle" in the comments!

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