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Coaching vs. Tarot

Lamplighter offers tarot readings and soul coaching. But which service is the right choice for you?

I 've been thinking a lot about whether I should merge my tarot and coaching into something simpler like "book time with Lindsay" because there can be a lot of overlap between a coaching session and a tarot session. But there are significant differences between the two, so for now they'll stay separate.

You're looking for some guidance and support in your life, you arrive at my website, and you ask yourself which course of action is right: an Insight Session to start with Soul Coaching, or a Tarot Reading.

Here's a nice breakdown to help you decide which service will suit your needs best.


Tarot is a lot of "sit back and listen" time. When I pull cards, there are many messages that will come through specifically for you. I will dive into these messages and check in from time to time to see if it's resonating with you. If you have details you want to share, they can help me get even deeper into the issue at hand. Sometimes when I do Tarot, I am also able to channel messages from your Spirit Guides. These session are all about receiving information, guidance, advice, and warnings to help empower you to find the core of the issue, and to avoid further troubles.

Soul Coaching

Soul Coaching is more conversational. During a coaching session we'll discuss what's going on, and what you want next in your life (if you're not sure, we'll figure it out). During these sessions, I will help guide the conversation, sticking to the topic at-hand, helping you discover your true feelings on issues, and developing and evolving your dreams for the future. I do this by asking you a series of questions, pointing out my observations, and letting you find little epiphanies (a-ha moments) along the way. I use psychological tools, and a variety of self-awareness systems (like personality typing, human design, and astrology) —sometimes, I'll even use my cards! We'll find small baby steps toward breaking bad habits and negative mindsets, as well as changing your perspective and starting new, positive habits.

What they have in common

  1. It's all about you.

  2. The goal is to help you "level up", no matter where you're starting.

  3. We'll identify your strengths and assets.

  4. We'll identify areas for you to work on.

  5. You'll leave feeling more connected to your spark, more empowered.

In any session with me, the goal is to help you live a more intuitive life. If you're looking to align with your higher purpose and find meaning and fulfillment in your day-to-day, then I'm the right person for you! If you've started to discover your own intuitive gifts, but you're not sure how to hone them (or sometimes doubt they're real) then I'm the right person for you! If you want to find your unique constellation of gifts and talents, whether they're intuitive or not (hint: they all are!), then I'm the right person for you! If by chance I'm not the right fit, I've got a whole network of people who might be exactly what you're looking for.

maslow's hierarchy of needs
No matter where you are now, I can help you "level up" your life.

If you're looking for on-going support toward reaching new levels in your life, then Soul Coaching is for you! It's more cost-effective, for one, and we can use the Tarot at any time during a coaching session (bonus!). Soul Coaching is tailored specifically to meet you where you are, so if you want to find more stability and happier relationships, or if you're looking to self-actualize and transcend, I can help!

Tarot is great if you're looking for a quick one-two punch to reassure you, help you feel validated in your choices, and motivate you to make that next big step. I recommend a reading at least once a year, but you can also get a reading any time you're in stasis (nothing is changing) or you're in transition (everything is changing). Tarot also makes an awesome gift for a loved one, or for yourself on special occasions.

So, it comes down to what you are looking for.

Tarot: impactful, short-term guidance

Soul Coaching: on-going insightful, life-changing support

Either way, I'd be honoured to help you rediscover your spark and lead an intuitive life. Book a service, or contact me with your questions.

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